International Art Management - Soul of Art (iAM SOA) is a full-service fine arts agency for professional artists wanting to advance their careers in an increasingly global and competitive art world. We represent an eclectic roster of exceptional local and international artists ranging from painters and photographers to performance artists and sculptors.


Emily Gordon


Cherry Ali


Liz Totton




IAM plans a specific method to deliver a benefiting future that includes accomplishing high standards with establishing your name as an artist or as a brand.  IAM roles is to introduce exposure with the right market  and innovations to make sure the artist or the brand is ready with for the industry competitions.



IAM PR team are dedicated individuals who are passionate in creating buzz for and around independent artist and brands.  Every artist has a fantastic story to tell, and with UAE’s fast growing art scene each artist should make a mark to be noticed or else they will be lost.  IAM’s PR team are here to be that voice for all our clients who deserve to be heard.



To have our company consider representing you, please submit your request and we will be happy to review your work. You will hear from us in a timely manner to begin putting your art career on the fast track. Don't delay, contact us now to learn how we can help.

We believe communication between the artist, the agency and the gallery representative is imperative to success. Our legacy is our deep commitment to offering creative solutions in an ever-changing arts landscape. We believe in the power of the arts to change lives and enhance the quality of life in every community.

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