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Amal Lootah


Internally driven, and emotionally charged, Lootah’s original oil painting art and mixed media paintings have been described as "Unique Piece of Art". She works in a wide variety of mediums. When viewing Lootah's portfolio for the first time one is under the belief that the works presented are the creations of several talented artists. The diverse collections however are the efforts of just one. Explosive abstract art paintings, contemporary mixed media collage art, recycled art, spiritual paintings and her intricate and obsessive circle drawings are just some of the styles you will uncover when you delve into Lootah's portfolio of works.

Amal Bin Lootah is an Emarati self-taught, mix media painter, who holds a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering and MSc degree in Nuclear engineering. Contrary to her engineering background, she started sketching from a very young age, and with works on paper. She soon began to deconstruct the paintings and reassemble them. While living in Dubai, Lootah is influenced by their culture, where there is a balance between both traditional and modern values and preservation to their national identity and at the same time integrate with the multicultural society of the UAE, this influence shows in her art work were she focus on the beautiful UAE traditions and culture while keeping it modern.

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