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Khaled Al Tabbaa


Khaled was born in Syria 1978, together with an arts loving family, his father was an artist who specialized in arabesque, and greatly influenced him at a young age. He graduated from fine arts faculty in 2004, and participated in many exhibitions between Syria, KSA, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates.

Khaled who lived in the UAE since 2005 grew a fond of every detail, from the people, nature, to the country’s modern development. All of these inspired him to show his gratitude to the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan by collecting some of his memorable quotes and turning them to artworks that expresses his admiration and respect towards the late founder. He primarily uses oil colors on canvas with a gold color for the text to emphasize the meaning behind the quotes, he has also focused on the philosophy of the background of each artwork based on its subject, in which some of them reflects the strength of their belief, traditions and heritage.

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