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Mariam Erin Pinza


Mariam Erin who was born in the Quezon Province, Philippines; is a self-taught artist inspired by her brothers, and finished a degree in Bachelor of Science in Food Technology. She decided to pursue a Coffee career in the United Arab Emirates, and is currently handling a Café as the Head Barista of the Espresso Lab in Abu Dhabi, and was recently held as The 2021 UAE National Brewers Cup Champion and represents the country in the upcoming World Coffee Championship. Alongside of her coffee career, she’s never left the scene of creating art. Apo Whang Od is a 103 years old woman, and the oldest surviving “Mambabatok” (traditional Kalinga tattooist) in the Philippines living in Buscalan Village. The hand-tapped body art began with the indigenous “Butbut” warriors, and they could only be inked after defeating someone. On women, however, having a tattoo is another standard of beauty. Seeing her eyes reflects a great representation of a strong woman who have seen a lot of head hunters, from the old generation up to the latest. Her skin symbolizes the beauty and grace of her people, and has become an inspiration and an institution representing her community and culture. The last of her kind.

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