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Nadezda Adamenko


Born and raised in Russia. Moved to UAE in 2013. All my childhood I was drawing all my free time, finished art school and at the same day I left all my brushes and paint there and never touched it for 21 years! Recently I decided that its time to give myself try again, I bought all necessary stuff and started painting. And from that moment I regret about all those missed years! I found my passion. I feel hungry for art. I try different styles and techniques and can’t stop learning smth new! I wanna try and learn how to work with all kind of art techniques!  Still didn’t find my style but mostly like to work with acrylic paint and texture paste. I really hope that passion and desire for discovering will help me to open new horizonts and let me creat new interesting art works. I want to make art as a profession, not just hobby.

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