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Rashed Al Mansoori


Rashed Al Mansoori is an Abu Dhabi based painter that made his forte' in the surrealism/khaleeji-esque art field. His first art exhibition was in early 2016 after much hesitation due to his nature of shying away from the public eye. Born in the early 1990s and being raised among older siblings, he picked up much of his interests and most importantly influences in the pop culture that was aimed at the previous generation; explaining much of his work to be heavily connected to that mainstream 1970s/80s/90s iconography and presenting it in his cynical, outsider perspective. He drew and sketched on every surface possible since his youth and getting into much strife and predicaments with his teachers in school, developing a flair for controversy and pushing the envelope when it comes to what is acceptable as art in his rather conservative society in general and family to be specific. Citing artists such as Frida Kahlo, Kurt Cobain, Rene Magritte, Reubens, Carravaggio, Salvador Dali; Rashed's art whether it is his faux fine art -as he would call it- his khaleeji wave (equivalent to vaporwave) pieces, or even his poems are widely considered to be acidic and polarizing in nature.

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