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Rashid Al Mulla


Rashid Al Mulla is an Emirati Artist born and raised in Sharjah and currently based in Dubai. He is a portrait and environmental artist. His portraiture focuses on delivering the Human emotions and his environmental art pieces shed lights on issues like water scarcity, deforestation, and animal cruelty. His works have been exhibited in number of group shows and events like, Sikka Art Fair, the Annual Exhibition in Sharjah, and Faike exhibitions at FN design in Dubai just to name a few. Rashid had his first Solo show in 2018 at FN Designs at Al Serkal Avenue where he exhibited his recent portrait collection. The artist was inspired by the book of Darwin “The Expression of Emotions in Man and Animal” therefore, the collection exhibited focused on some chapters of the book under the title “Flow”. Rashid's Art career also included some live arts at Sikka Art 2016 and 2017, Abu Dhabi Airport, Arab Travel Market, and Mirdif City Center for the Ministry of Culture.

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