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Tarek Soussi

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His passion for drawing and calligraphy dates back to childhood, and both his skills and artistic vision developed when her studied art at the university of Fine Arts in Tunis, Tunisia. His experience was built up thanks to his great passion and everyday work, and this resulted in developing his own artistic style. Urban sketching holds a special place in Tarek’s artistic experience. It is, in fact, a daily practice routine in which he uses public spaces as open workshops and just simple tools. He draws a lot, anywhere and at any time. Drawing is not only a life style, but also a way to see the details of the city in a specific way. As far as the Arabic calligraphy is concerned, its originality, its rich heritage stock and the diversity of its schools have always intrigued him. That’s why he was seriously engaged and absorbed by the Arabic calligraphy schools trying to satisfy his spiritual thirst for authenticity and for the Arab civilization.

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