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Wad Alaqeedi


Wed Alaqeedi, A native of the United Arab Emirates, she is a 19-year-old artist. Growing up, she always had an arty eye and perspective of her surroundings. Her apprehension of the human body’s capability to create and bring emotions, thoughts and knowledge to life, fascinated her to do so. Creating art such as sketching, painting and designing is a way to represent and adorn the way her mind functions. Artist Statement: I do visual art. In which I paint on blank canvases. As I grow, I find my art growing and developing. As I teach myself new techniques and approaches to making art. It has been a fact, painting is a common way to cope for majority of artists. I immediately shift to a whole other universe as soon as I hold a bush and start painting. My inspiration when making art the majority of the time is, my mental and emotional experience and understand what is behind an artwork of mine. My art is my strongest lead to connecting with individuals on deeper level.

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