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Yoshiko Uematsu


Yoshiko grew a passion for drawing since the age of 3, as a young person she always thought that artists were captivating. She would spend most of her time near the lake of her hometown filled with birds and nature where most of her imaginations come from.

She later moved to Paris, where she was fascinated by the beauty of the clouds, and the historic buildings around. Since she’s an admirer of 19th century French painters, Yoshiko felt privileged to be able to breathe the same air as them.

Her artworks are mainly a blend of her inner self and consciousness where she takes most of her inspiration from when painting. The balance between reality and imagination is where she builds her foundation from.

Animals and nature from her past visual experience are Yoshiko’s most prevalent inspirations in her paintings. To her, birds are a symbol of freedom and liberation, like a bird she can freely travel to a unique imaginary and nostalgic places.

She mainly uses the “Yohaku” technique, a traditional Japanese style of painting that utilizes empty spaces to allow viewers to expand their imagination within her pieces. Her paintings, alike poems, are free to interpretation and she uses the “Yohaku” technique to encourage her viewers to add their personal imagination and character in her creations.

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