Ibtissam Abouinane’s status as one of her generations leading equestrian artists represents the culmination of a lifelong fascination with horses.Her goal career is to capture the  beauty, power, character, and personality of the horses, Ibtissam an artist' desire to draw and re-create the soul and spirit of the horse - that's what she lives for. With Acrylic technique, this cohesive work of art was accomplished  by genuinely escaping into the picture to create both abstract and realistic style.Inspired by the string lines of horses’ body. Ibtissam’s Paintings are inspired by The Story on Horses’ Bodies… Ibtissam paintings are a great concourse of dreams; her full - bodied touch, vivacious color, perfectly balanced talent and splendid composition depict fantastical images.Her painting “shows the intense appearance of horses being brought up in different ways”. Though she uses various means of mediums, but her favorite is the Acrylic, because inspiration comes out better through Acrylic.

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