My art echoes the ideas in the book titled “Grandpa Bunny”, a Little Golden Book published by Disney classic in the 1950s and belonged to my mother, in which Great Grandpa Bunny Bunny teaches several generations of Bunnyville's children how to paint Easter eggs, flowers, butterflies and more before he tells them he has to go away.  And the poem "Leisure" by Welsh poet W. H. Davies, published in 1911 where he writes about life being full of cares and no time to stand and stare. They had so much impact on me that I notice the details in everything around me and take the time to stand and stare!  

I fell in love with the colors and the sheen of silk and I paint both sceneries and flowers. I am attracted to classical Arabic open doors and blooming flowers as they relate to an optimistic tomorrow. I find that the vibrancy of the colors and the beauty of the silk was the best way to satisfy my creative abilities.  I am fascinated by color and mixing of colors and this is what leads me to interpret these subtleties of color in my work. The movement of color and the fluidity renders a feeling of freedom. It is an exciting experience to discover the intricacies of the reactions with the many varieties of silk, so different from canvas, which always reacts the same.

I pursued my dream of art, studying under various artists here in Abu Dhabi, which has been my home for all my adult life.  I have also been inspired by my multi-talented parents – a scientist and a math teacher who were also an author and a artist. I wanted to experience all that the art world had to offer here in Abu Dhabi, so I learnt oil, gouache, watercolor, and later on silk. 

My paintings were exhibited at the cultural foundation, while I was a student there in the late 80s and later have been commissioned to do specific pieces by art lovers and as corporate gifts. My home is a living gallery of my art and I have been encouraged by the higher echelons of society to do an exhibition.

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