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Khaled has born in Syria 1978, in arts lover family, his father was an artist specialized in arabesque, and the nature in his village was so attractive to make him a very talented child. He started painting in childhood, and from that time he was dreaming the fine art faculty in his lovely country Syria to start his art journey. He graduated from fine arts faculty in 2004, participated in many exhibitions between Syria, KSA, Argentina, UAE (Etihad Modern Art Gallery 2 exhibitions, Alqattara, Burjeel AL Ain, Burjeel Abud Dhabi & ADNEC) and 1 participation with UR gallery Nation Towers Abu Dhabi .He has 2 solo exhibitions the first one was in Damascus - Syria 2005 (Portraits) and the second one was in Dubai – UAE 2018 (Zayed.. Words of Gold)

Zayed… Words of Gold
Why Khaled chose this subject for his last solo exhibition in UAE ? Khaled is living in UAE from 2005 until now, he love UAE, he love every detail in UAE, arts, people, nature, sea, elegance, the top modern development in everything. All these and more were inspiring him to thank the founder of everything in UAE Shaikh Zayed “May God have mercy on him” so Khaled collected some of his quotes in several sides and made them artworks mixed with all of his love and respect to that founder Shaikh Zayed. He used oil colors on canvas in general with gold color for the quote itself to reflect the value of the meaning of the quotes, he has focused also on the philosophy of the backgrounds of each artwork based on it's subject, some of them reflecting the strength of the believe and other reflecting like Traditions and Heritage colors.


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