According to the Artist "Since before the moment I have studied Art, I have been always affected by the abstraction artists in particular Mondrian and Kandinsky. My eyes always see the pure abstract shape within any given real life object. Thus, my paintings can be described as Abstraction with semi geometric style with mostly very vivid contrast colors.

My paintings are doors to my inner feelings which I have experienced during my last trip to central Europe – Austria and Switzerland -, where I was touched by the beauty of nature while hiking.

The recent collection - throughout the last 3 years - has been following the same pattern, where most of my paintings’ compositions are scenery views in Switzerland. I have utilized there environment to expressed what I have felt towards it in creating a unique mix of harmonious shapes, colors, semi geometric objects and compositions.

My goal was to reach harmony between all the visual elements, since I want to convey an ultimate message of pure enjoyment by evoking your own imagination. I want the viewer to enjoy and to sense the beauty without knowing what the real element is behind. This is the similar feelings that was awakened when seeing the environment and the nature surroundings, which to me was the ultimate paradise.

The message of this collection is that people witness delectation feelings – a bit closer feeling of what I have experienced - mixed with their own imagination of what can they understand by viewing Abstraction. I want them for a moment to enjoy and to be isolated from life concerns and constrains. In my opinion, art isn’t just copying the reality but it is the artist’s own point of view of it."

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