My passion for drawing  and calligraphy dates back  to  childhood , and both  my  skills  and  my artistic vision  developed   when I studied  art  at the university  of Fine Arts  in Tunis , Tunisia.                                                                            My experience  was built  up thanks to my great passion and  my everyday  work, and this  resutled in developing  my own  artistic style .
 Urban sketching holds  a special place in my  artistic  experience .  It is, in fact , a daily practice routine  in which I use  public spaces  as open workshops  and  just simple tools. I draw a lot, anywhere  and at  anytime .  Drawing  is  not only  a life style , but also a way to see the details of the city in a specific  way.
As far as the Arabic calligraphy is concerned , its originality,  its rich heritage stock  and the diversity of its schools have always intrigued me . That’s why I was seriouly engaged and absorbed by the Arabic calligraphy schools  trying to  satisfy  my  spiritual thirst for authenticity and for  the Arab civilization.


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