Behind my art works there is a chemistry colors of my life where my brain and universe meet to change it. Chemistry for me is the creative part of my process in art.  Using different mediums, I tried to merge the different practise. Some of my art works erupt from my imagination and some are images embossed on my mind from the environment reflecting back into my work and giving it an identity. My brush varies with my moods sometimes my brush becomes violent splashes and explodes colors into action, creating vibration by using negative area against colorful positive areas. Sometimes it changes into calm and shining strong colors like orange yellow. I capture and create the effect  of light by splitting into rainbow colours of the prisms . My compositions into cultural traditional manners. Sometimes most colors of my art work become free styles using water colors with different  medium, I like earth colors from the nature ( Zafaron, Salt, Coffee, plants, cinnamon etc...) It needs a lot of precision of vision and clarity of thought as the first stroke has to be the final stroke. I am always experimenting into many expressions with my colors. Through my work with different mediums and techniques you can read transparency from past, present and future in the creative eye.   "Brain your art and keep it special"              

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